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Another Fine Example of Media Amnesia, Double Standards & Cover Ups | Missouri Political News Service

Another Fine Example of Media Amnesia, Double Standards & Cover Ups

March 16th, 2010 by MarkTwain · No Comments

The Source posted a piece yesterday chronicling another example of the sheer dishonesty corruption and negligence of Missouri’s fourth estate:

The Source:

In 2006, the Kansas City Star ran with a story about Congressional offices leasing vehicles for official duties. In the first article (On the Hill Pricey Wheels, 3/12/06), they made a half-hearted attempt to approach the issue in a bipartisan fashion.

From there it has only gone downhill. In an editorial three days later (Costly Motoring at Taxpayers’ Expense, 3/15/06) they attacked a list of Republicans who used vehicles to travel to and communicate with their constituents, ignoring Democrats who do the same thing. We can only presume that would weaken the partisan intentions of the piece.

The best example of the double standard is perhaps Emanuel Cleaver, who spends $2,900 per month on a “mobile office” that costs 70 cents a mile to drive around. Its features include a DVD player, WiFi internet, and it runs on cooking oil. Read more…

Can we really be surprised by this folks? It’s been nearly two weeks since the 24th State told us about former Senate minority leader Maida Coleman’s new created job in state government. The response from the media? The sound of crickets! The governor’s spokesman lies to them and the public with impunity. The response from the media? Crickets! The Attorney General blatantly launders campaign funds with the help of a close Nixon ally. The response from the media? Crickets.  The chairwoman of the Appellate Judicial Commission intentionally schemes to keep a court vacancy secret from the public and then Governor Matt Blunt. The response from the media? Crickets. But we’re right wing, media consipiracy wack jobs if we point out these inconsistencies, right? And you wonder why your industry is dying and you have no credibility? Shame!


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