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Koster Consigliere Involved In More Campaign Finance Shenanigans? | Missouri Political News Service

Koster Consigliere Involved In More Campaign Finance Shenanigans?

January 7th, 2009 by MarkTwain · No Comments

According to the Arch City Chronicle, Governor-elect Nixon’s close friend, Attorney General-elect Chris Koster’s consigliere, and “Lawyer of the Year” Chuck Hatfield is apparently involved in even more shady dealings when it comes to campaign finance committees:

From the ACC:

57th District Legislative Committee, at an address in the Norwood Court Apartments Subdivision, Normandy, 71st State Rep. Dist., was created in Oct. 2007, filed a Jan. 2008 Limited Activity report in April 2008, and has made no further filings. What makes that failing to report or terminate more intriguing is that Economic Growth Council, Treasurer Chuck Hatfield, a PAC that helped Chris Koster get elected Attorney General, reported in April 2008 that it gave the committee $1,900 on March 24, 2008. No luck trying to find out more using the treasurer information. Read more…

MOPNS FLASHBACK: EXCLUSIVE Part 1: Emails Reveal Depth of Koster/Hatfield Scheme to Launder Contributions

 ”Oh, I get it. Sorry to be thick. I’ll start writing them [checks] now.”Chuck Hatfield (Click here to read entire email)

The Missouri Political News Service has obtained exclusive emails detailing the shady dealings between “Imposter Koster” and his consigliere and Nixon crony Chuck Hatfield. Read more…


Oh, This Really Stinks!



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