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EXCLUSIVE Part 1: Emails Reveal Depth of Koster/Hatfield Scheme to Launder Contributions | Missouri Political News Service

EXCLUSIVE Part 1: Emails Reveal Depth of Koster/Hatfield Scheme to Launder Contributions

October 24th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

 “Oh, I get it. Sorry to be thick. I’ll start writing them [checks] now.”Chuck Hatfield (Click here to read entire email)

The Missouri Political News Service has obtained exclusive emails detailing the shady dealings between “Imposter Koster” and his consigliere and Nixon crony Chuck Hatfield. We will be releasing excerpts from the emails over the next few days.

The question here is will Post Dispatch beat reporter “Baghdad/Two Toes” Tony Messenger sit on this story because it’s us and we insult him regularly, or will he get off his fat behind and actually be a REPORTER?????

Click here for “The facts on Koster” website.

AP: “They met at an Italian restaurant in southwest Missouri. A campaign aide for Democratic attorney general candidate Chris Koster and the treasurer for a local Democratic committee. The purpose: a check exchange.” 


“Chris and I spoke this afternoon and he has brought me up to date on your conversations. The gentleman he wants to put you in contact with is Chuck Hatfield. Chuck’s contact information is:

l’m sure that you and Chris have discussed this, but our financial reporting period ends on March 31, 2008. We must have all contributions in by that date to be included in the quarterly report.” (Click here to read entire  email)

AP: “Koster’s aide handed the Democratic official a check from an innocuous-sounding group called the Economic Growth Council, along with a pair of letters she had created – one from the Economic Growth Council accompanying its money, the other from Koster’s campaign soliciting money from the local political committee. The letters were formalities.”


“Joe Hudson, Carpenters DC in KC is supposed to overnight a check for $1, 725 to the 18th Senatorial Democratic Committee…. She also asked if we could send her a contribution request letter for her file.”  (Click here to read entire email)

AP: The next day, about 330 miles to the southwest, McNay met Jasper County Democratic Chairwoman Susan DeCarlo at an Italian restaurant in Joplin. It was the second time she had delivered a $13,750 check for the 129th Legislative District Democratic Committee of which DeCarlo is treasurer. McNay left the restaurant with a pair of $13,450 checks – one a direct contribution to Koster, the other an indirect contribution made payable to Koster’s advertising buyer, LUC Media of Marietta, Ga.” 


“Please email or call Senator Koster on his cell phone and advise him that the check is available for pick up…If we have made contributions to the 134th, please advise the Senator of same and he will suggest other entities.” (Click here to read entire email)


Video: Sketchy Record

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  • 1 Fed Up // Apr 10, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    This ought to be great reading! A run-away Republican who became a Democrat and ran for MO AG. I guess he will fit right in with the rest
    of the mob who thinks laws apply to everyone but them! Glad you left the GOP Mr Kostner, we don’t want your type of public service!

  • 2 Yikes // Jan 21, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    How did I miss this before?! I’m related to Hatfield through my husband’s family! Not a bit surprised he is dirty. He and Nixon are thick as..well…thieves!

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