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Tipline: “Maida” Up Stimulus Job Not Needed

March 9th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

“The funds which will cover her salary will probably be exclusively or almost exclusively federal in nature.”

We received this email yesterday on our tipline. The writer seems very knowledgeable and we assume they are a casualty of Governor Nixon’s recent state job cuts due to the terrible Obama economy. 

Mr. Jackson,

The position which Ms. Coleman is being hired into is not only not needed, but did not previously exist. The Division of Employment Security already employs many competent career managers and employees who are capable of performing the so-called duties which Ms. Coleman is being hired to perform. All of these career employees and managers are under the merit system.

Ordinarily, “political appointees” are not hired for positions at Employment Security because the “political appointees” generally do not have the background, skills, or ability to perform the jobs in question. Generally, employees at Employment Security have always been career employees who are trained on job training, unemployment compensation, and similar program issues and then these individuals are expected to provide services to Missouri Citizens who are in need of job training, unemployment compensation, and other job placement services. The Employment Security employees are required to be familiar with both the Missouri laws and regulations covering the programs, and the applicable federal laws and regulations since a significant amount of the funding for the Division of Employment Security is federal funds. Over ninety percent of Employment Security’s funds are federal funds which require an insignificant state match.

I assume that the main reason that Ms. Coleman is being given a newly-created position at Employment Security is because the funds which will cover her salary will probably be exclusively or almost exclusively federal in nature.

Reliable sources say the former minority leader has told associates she is not pleased with the fact that she has to spend eight weeks in Jefferson City for training – for a job that was created just for her! Unbelievable!


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  • 1 Bulletinman // Mar 9, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    Just-us not justice. Keep in mind people these Democrats support the killing of little babies. What do you expect from them?

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