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Nixon’s Political Hacks Exercise Partisan Control over Fee Office System | Missouri Political News Service

Nixon’s Political Hacks Exercise Partisan Control Over Fee Office System

February 5th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments


When he took office, Governor Jay Nixon made a production out of his bid to reform the way fee offices are awarded in Missouri, promising to use competitive bidding to remove any partisanship from the process.  Months after his new system was implemented, one can see that Nixon has only been blowing hot air.

The biggest, most-profitable fee offices in the state have all gone to Nixon’s cronies while they have let a few of the smallest offices be awarded to token Republicans in an attempt to maintain the “nonpartisanship” narrative that Nixon has pushed in the press.  Just as we reported, Alternative Opportunities had predicted they would get the Deer Creek Office, and it has now been revealed that AO’s prediction came true despite paperwork snafus that would have surely scuttled the chances of any applicant without deep connections within the Nixon administration. 

We hope that members of the press will not take Nixon’s “reforms” at face value.  Looking at the list of offices that have been awarded, it is clear that Nixon’s political hacks in the Department of Revenue have influenced the process. 


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  • 1 Sam Damon // Feb 6, 2010 at 10:16 am

    Typical. Nixon rode in on Obama’s coattails.

    He need to be sent packing in 2012. That guy has been running for Missouri offices since the 80s. Enough already Jay….RETIRE!

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