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Nixon’s Plan [A]lternative Oportunities Fails; Tries Plan B | Missouri Political News Service

Nixon’s Plan [A]lternative Oportunities Fails; Tries Plan B

September 25th, 2009 by sclemons · No Comments

On Monday and Tuesday,  we had two posts that questioned the bidding process for the fee offices rewarded to Nixon Contributor Alternative Opportunities, Inc.

Do you remember that old saying, “If you want something done right, you do it yourself?” That seems to be the conclusion “No Way Jay” and his staff came to after Tuesday’s unpersuasive puff piece by their favorite transcriber reporter KY3’s Dave Cantanese. Cantanese’s article is so pathetically biased to make AO and Jay look good, that we’re sure this is one article he won’t be sending home to his mother for praise!

Excerpt from a statement the Governor’s office released last night:

“When I took office in January, one of the first actions I took was to implement long-needed reforms in the way that license offices were awarded. In the past, political patronage was the main reason certain people got an office. Now, we have a transparent system that embraces open competition and puts an emphasis on office efficiency and improved customer service.”

On second thought, after reading such a bogus statement from the Governor, maybe Cantanese’s puff piece wasn’t so bad after all!



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