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Gov. Nixonator: The Fix is in Part II

September 22nd, 2009 by MarkTwain · No Comments


Governor Nixonator’s new favorite organization, Alternative Opportunities, recently acknowledged that the bidding process for the state’s fee offices was rigged – because they already know how many they will be awarded.

In looking at the offices that Governor Jay has publicly given Alternative Opportunities, one sees that the organization gave a varying percentage of the revenue back to Missouri.  In some cases AO has offered to give the state less money than other bids, yet they were awarded the office.  In other instances, they seemed to know exactly what percentage to offer back.


Office                                                                                    Amount

Ava                                                                                        2% – $1,576

Camdenton                                                                        7% – $17,265.36

Poplar Bluff                                                                       5% – $13,378

Sprgfld – Landers State Office Bldg                        6% –  $14,541


While giving money back to the state is a positive, how did Governor Jay’s favorite group know how much to give back on each office in order to be awarded the bid? Did they have insider knowledge as to what the other groups were giving and were then allowed to revise their bid?



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  • 1 jokesonus // Sep 23, 2009 at 9:08 am

    Of course AO are the chosen ones, no need to bother bidding against them. The fact they are a not for profit and given a 7 point advantage in the grading ensures their success in these highly lucrative bids. Couple that with the big checks their owners gave Nixon and they’re IN!!

    Are some offices going back to the Republicans? Yes, the broke ones, or, soon to be broke ones. As more of their revenue is sucked off by the online registration system…(do you hear “Taps” playing )…the closer to bankruptcy many of these small offices get. Good luck getting rid of one of those losing offices…there’s the unfriendly time consuming “process” of re-bidding you know and who will bid on a bankrupt office?

    Good thing the contractors have those lines of credit required now, huh? Some borrowed cash to hold them over while they feebly attempt to “unload” these leaking-money-like-a-sieve offices. Breaking even may prove to be a real trick for many contractors.

    With no oversight over the awarding of these offices Nixon’s appointees are making the decisions. How do you think they’re going to decide? Who do you think are getting the plumb jobs VS the losing jobs? AO of course will continue to get the money makers. Take that to the bank.

    The whole thing is a joke but my guess is it will pay off well for the good Governor in the next election.

    Nixon’s real base got screwed, thrown under the bus for the rich guys with big checks all in the name of “reform”. After all, who could get mad about reform, right? Does Jay think he got away with it? Think again.

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