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7 Questions for Alternative Opportunities & Dept. of Revenue | Missouri Political News Service

7 Questions for Alternative Opportunities & Dept. of Revenue

January 14th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

Steve Fenner, defense attorney and candidate for Greene County prosecutor, has a few questions regarding the budding Alternative Opportunties scandal”

Questions for the Department of Revenue

1. Why rebid? Isn’t the normal state procedure to award the contract to the second qualified applicant when the leading applicant is disqualified?

2. Should the DOR rebid offices every time a bidder is disqualified? If so, why wasn’t the Joplin office rebid sooner?

3. How was the point system used to determine the winning bid established? Does it give an advantage to contributors to the governor’s campaign? Does the DOR receive any input from the governor’s office when making its decision?

4. When is a “Best and Final Offer” really a best and final offer? Why did applicants have to give a best and final offer multiple times for a number of offices, often offices that AO was awarded?

Questions for Alternative Opportunities

AO provides some great services, such as the Carol Jones Recovery Center and Lakes Country Resource Centers. Just because this organization does some good works does not mean it and those who run it are above scrutiny. Marilyn Nolan, AO’s CEO, was a member of Nixon’s Transition team and a donor to his campaign. Tom and Bontiea Goss, AO’s CFO and COO, also made large donations to Nixon’s campaign.

1. What percentage of AO’s income comes from government funding?

2. Would not having to pay employees out of license office fees give AO an unfair advantage? Are employees at AO running license offices being paid with taxpayer money funneled through other AO businesses?

3. Was the $17 million top officers at AO made on the sale of W.D. Management a result of its affiliation with a not-for-profit? What about the 10-year exclusive contract to provide services to AO? A not-for-profit receives special tax status in part because of the good works it does. Should those running a not-for-profit be able to use it as a vehicle to enrich themselves personally? Read more…


Lying Pays

MOPNS Posts Force Nixon to Rebid Fee Offices



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