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Our Tribute to “Rowdy Rod” – Good Riddance! | Missouri Political News Service

Our Tribute to “Rowdy Rod” – Good Riddance!

September 11th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

“Rowdy Rod” Jetton, the lame duck speaker who never met an ethics rule he tried to somehow circumvent, has “left the building” so to speak. In a “tearful address” -yeah we know, we’re laughing too – “Rowdy Rod” said he “learned a few things” during his eight years in the legislature. (Insert joke here.)

It’s almost poetic justice that while Republicans are energized over Sen. McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin as his VP pick – a reformer who cleaned up her state and rejected cronyism – a Republican master of cronyism, insider deals, and questionable ethics is thankfully on his way out. Rod Jetton was simply a microcosm of what’s wrong with our body politic nationally; too many people who see public service as mainly an opportunity to enrich themselves and their friends at the expense of the public interest and taxpayers.

As a tribute to the departing speaker, we went back through our archives and found our favorite – and most enlightening – posts on the “Honorable” Speaker “Rowdy Rod” Jetton. We’re going to miss you Mr. Speaker, but rest assured, we’ll still be watching you. Have a fine retirement!


(5/15/07) From the Tip Line: Spkr. Jetton + HRCC = Ticket Scalping

(7/18/07 )Tip Line: Reader Questions Jetton’s Romney Support Letter

(7/23/07) FiredUp Missouri: “Jetton Stocking Up His Business With Campaign Contributor Funds?

(8/31/07) “Uh, Just Call Me Rod”

(1/4/08) Tipline: Speaker Jetton’s Email on Chris Benjamin’s Defection

(1/7/08) Lame Duck “Reaper of the House” Nearly Doubles Gifts From Lobbyists

(3/14/08) Reaper of the House Blames Self for Lack of Party Discipline

(5/2/08) Jetton Sends Onder Support Email From “Missourians for Mitt” Email Account

(7/3/08) S.S. Jetton Still Taking On Water

(7/7/08) Quote of the Day: Roe: “If Rod Jetton Believes That Candidates Work for Consultants, Then He is Going to Have a Very Short Career in This Business”


CDT Politics Blog: Staring at the setting sun



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