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“Uh, Just Call Me Rod” | Missouri Political News Service

“Uh, Just Call Me Rod”

August 31st, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

In July, a reader asked us was it ethical or legal for Rod Jetton to sign his name as “Speaker” on Mitt Romney campaign correspondence. Speaker Jetton is Romney’s Missouri political director. It seems Speaker Jetton has decided that signing his name with “Speaker” in front, may not be such a good idea after all. Below is a Romney campaign email Jetton sent out this afternoon:

Subject: News from Romney For President
From: Rod Jetton
Date: Fri, Aug 31, 2007 2:51 pm

Romney For President Newsletter
Missourians For Mitt
August 31, 2007

As you may know, Gov. Romney won the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll by a historic margin of 31.5% a few weeks ago. The campaign’s organization and strength clearly provided our candidate with a decisive victory.

What is the impact of this victory? Already, the Romney campaign has seen a dramatic rise in the Governor’s national poll numbers, jumping from 10% up to 16% (American Research Group, Inc). The new national polls have Governor Romney clearly in 2nd place, propelling him into the heart of the front-runners. If the Iowa straw poll victory can give this kind of momentum, we can only imagine how much ground the Romney campaign will gain when he continues his winning trend where winning really matters – in the early primary states.

Romney is leading the pack in Iowa by a spread of 10% (Real Clear Politics). The polls in New Hampshire have him leading by 12%, (Rasmussen Poll). When John McCain won New Hampshire in 2000, his national average catapulted up 10 points. Additionally, the polls are clear that as Romney is gaining ground, Fred Thompson is losing it. After three campaign managers, delay after delay in even making a decision to run and a long history of ties to Washington D.C. trial attorneys, Thompson is obviously an unreliable candidate. His indecisiveness and poor judgment makes me question his ability to win the race. Mitt’s superior ability to raise more money than any other Republican candidate and maintain the largest cash-on-hand figures creates a fantastic opportunity for Missourians to join a winning campaign.

How can we ensure the success of the Romney campaign? Right now in Missouri, the campaign is looking for county coordinators to give us the strongest ground presence in the state. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a U.S. Presidential campaign. Romney is the only candidate implementing a “boots on the ground” strategy in our state.

Our grassroots team will establish a valuable network of community leaders and volunteers that will be equipped to bring the Republican nominee across the finish line in November 2008. With your support and Romney’s momentum, we have an enormous advantage in Missouri.

If you are interested in being a county coordinator or involved with one of our coalitions please give me a call. I know Governor Romney will appreciate your name in a leadership position on his campaign here in Missouri. Victory starts with you.


Rod Jetton

Political Director;

Romney for President-Missouri



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