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FLASHBACK: Jay Nixon (1998) “Radical and Alarmist” to Assassinate Osama Bin Laden | Missouri Political News Service

FLASHBACK: Jay Nixon (1998) “Radical and Alarmist” to Assassinate Osama Bin Laden

September 11th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Sen. Bond pictured here in 1998 with former St. Louis NAACP head Charles Mischeaux

As we look back in extreme sadness on that terrible day seven years ago, we think we understand why Jay Nixon doesn’t want to talk about his record at today’s gubernatorial debate.

While Senator Bond understood (three years before 911!) the threat Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist network posed to the United States, “No Way” Jay supported the appeasers who wanted to file lawsuits and talk to the terrorists about their perceived grievances.

October 15, 1998, Thursday,Bond, Nixon disagree on assassinating foreign leaders


Terrorist leaders should be targeted for death, Missouri’s best-known Senate candidates agree. But Democrat Jay Nixon rejects Republican Sen. Christopher Bond’s call for dumping a U.S. ban on assassinating foreign heads of state.

“It is vital to follow United States law and the assassination of foreign heads of state violates that law,” Nixon told reporters on Wednesday.

Bond announced his support for lifting the ban during a debate with Nixon. Bond, who seeks a third Senate term, said countless lives could be saved by assassinating leaders who are “bent on evil.”

“One bullet at Hitler at the right time might have saved millions of people,” Bond said during the foreign policy debate hosted by the Jewish Community Relations Council of St. Louis.

“I believe that when you have a head of state, perhaps such as a Saddam Hussein, who is bent on carrying out evil and continues to do so, you may cause far less human suffering if you go after that leader,” he said.

Bond said he had no specific targets in mind.

But during the debate and in later comments to reporters, he singled out as top international troublemakers Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and terrorist multimillionaire Osama bin Laden.

The senator said after the debate that any repeal of the executive order should be accompanied by clear criteria for assassinating a foreign leader.

“Right now, we dance around this by going in and bombing large numbers of people in areas where a terrorist … may live. We know that’s going to kill people. Now, are we better off trying to kill that one dictator who’s behind it? I think in some instances we definitely would be better off,” Bond said. . . .

[Nixon] called Bond’s proposal radical and alarmist.

The Democrat urged instead that the U.S. cooperate in empowering an international court bring international lawbreakers to justice



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