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Jetton Sends Onder Support Email From “Missourians for Mitt” Email Account | Missouri Political News Service

Jetton Sends Onder Support Email From “Missourians for Mitt” Email Account

May 2nd, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

‘Ol Rod is a real piece of work! Forget the fact that he’s Speaker of the House, while simultaneously running a political consulting business on the side. Or the fact that one of his clients, Rep. Bob Onder, is a fellow House member running to replace Kenny Hulshof. In another ethically questionable move, we learn today that the “Reaper of the House” is sending out support emails for his client from an email account from a defunct campaign. At least this time he didn’t sign it “Speaker Rod Jetton

So what are we to make of this Mr. Speaker, are you suggesting that Mitt Romney is supporting Bob Onder for Congress? Damn, we’re going to miss you next session. Rod, you have been a blogger’s dream come true!

Subject: Romney Supporters: I Need Your Help
From: Rod Jetton
Date: Fri, May 02, 2008 10:01 am

Dear XXX,

I am writing to ask for your support for a good friend and colleague of mine, Dr. Bob Onder. Bob is running for Congress, and he needs our help.

Dr. Bob Onder has been a leader for Missouri Right to Life and was the President of Missourians Against Human Cloning in 2006 and fought against Amendment 2, the Human Cloning amendment. Just like me, you know we must protect innocent human life. After Bob was elected to the Missouri house, I was pleased to see that the first legislation he filed was the Unborn Child Pain Prevention Act.

The Democrats are already attacking Bob for his stand for innocent human life and against illegal immigration. Making sure that Kenny Hulshof’s open seat stays in conservative hands will not be easy. The liberals in Washington have already targeted this seat as one that they are going to try to take back this year, and special interest groups have started pouring money into Democrat coffers.

That’s why Bob needs your help. Please take a look at where Bob stands on the issues that are important to you and to me:

Pro-Life – Believes that life begins at conception and will fight for the rights of the unborn, as he did in the Missouri state legislature

War on Terror – Bob supports the war efforts and will make sure that our troops are fully funded in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere in the war on terror

Economy – Bob will continue the Bush tax cuts and work to reduce our dependence on foreign oil to bring down the cost of gas here at home

2nd Amendment – Bob is a 30-year Life Member of the National Rifle Association and hunts with his oldest son, Bobbie, in northeast Missouri

Immigration – Will work to make English the official language of the United States, as he did in the Missouri state legislature

Traditional Marriage – Supports a Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman

How can you help make sure liberals don’t take this Congressional seat in November? You can help Bob right from your home! If you are willing to send postcards to your friends and neighbors letting them know that Dr. Onder is the man for the job, then I need you to email me or sign up on the web site. Any financial contribution that you can make to Bob’s campaign would go a long way toward purchasing yard signs and the television commercials that he needs to win. Please take a moment and visit the web site: www.BobOnder.com

Bob was there for us during the Romney campaign – and while we didn’t win that battle, we do have a chance to elect another pro-life, pro-family values candidate that isn’t just going to be a roll call vote in Washington. Bob has a track record that shows he is willing to step up to the plate on our issues and get things done.

Please join me on this race. You were an important part of our Romney team, and I know that with your support we can elect a good man to Congress!


Rod Jetton



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