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Another Example of Journalism Malpractice | Missouri Political News Service

Another Example of Journalism Malpractice

December 10th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

In a piece we posted last week titled, “A Glimpse Into the Future of Old Media: Focus on “Feuds” Instead of News,” we gave you a glaring example of why newspapers across the country are filing bankruptcy and dramatically losing readership and credibility. As we wrote then, the Missouri media’s obsession with gossip instead of focusing on hard news borders on journalism malpractice!

What is most perplexing to us is why they are protecting Kit Bond and former low level Bond aide Jason Van Eaton? In what we’ve witnessed way too much in Washington D. C. recently – and in politics in general – are politicians and staffers getting a convenient case of amnesia when they’re suddenly in hot water:

“I don’t remember any conversation like that from four years ago.”“Political Pygmy” Jason Van Eaton

The constant criticism of the Blunt administration, and Tony Messenger’s man crush on Ed Martin, should be proof enough that the media is in the bag for the Democrats, so this next example shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you.

Why we ask, is an obscure political blog run by a second year law school student in New Orleans, pointing out the fact that Governor-elect Jay Nixon has a Kansas resident prominently working on his transition team??? To assign equal blame, where is the Missouri Republican Party on this? My God, this is a carefully hand wrapped gift from Jay Nixon! We know it’s the holiday season and everyone is in a festive mood and looking forward to Christmas, but let’s not drop the ball here. This is a gimmee!


LakeExpo.com: Former Democratic state Sen. JimMathewson part of Gov.-elect Nixon’s transition team



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  • 1 Chandler // Dec 10, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Somebody just needs to go by the Bar uh, I mean the MRP and wake Jared Craighead up. He’ll likely reek of stale beer, whiskey and pork rinds but he should be functional enough to take a shot at Nixon.

    Then again, why wake the little fella?

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