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Quote(s) of the Day: Jeff Roe: Former Bond Staffer Jason Van Eaton a “Political Pygmy” | Missouri Political News Service

Quote(s) of the Day: Jeff Roe: Former Bond Staffer Jason Van Eaton a “Political Pygmy”

September 30th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

“It is breathtaking that Jason Van Eaton, a political pygmy, was able to use the power and majesty of the United States Senate to settle a petty personal political squabble.” – Political consultant Jeff Roe

“(Note to young Dems — if the names Jason Van Eaton and Matt Roney don’t ring any bells, you have a good excuse — you’ve never seen their names on any Dem blogs tied to any sort of scandal.)

The success of Van Eaton and Roney as political strategists — and, more importantly, as husbands and fathers — has made some people envious.  But for those of us young bucks who aspire to lead meaningful lives, Jason and Matt are pretty good role models to emulate.” – johncombestblog.com (10/23/07)


8/12/08 Former Bond Staffer’s Firm Slated to Lobby Senator

4/18/08 – Former Bond Staffer’s Junkets Discouraged Congressional Run

10/24/07 – TipLine: “Wait a Minute—He Left in June of 2004 for an Election in Nov. of 2004?”

The Pitch: Kit Bond hates Jeff Roe after all



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  • 1 Thomas // Sep 30, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    Jeff Roe Rules!!!!!!!!!!

    VanEaton is such a wuss! Roe could take him any day of the week.

    Kit Bond is old and all of his friends are going to jail. (See Sen. Ted Stevens).

    Word is Vaneaton’s role in the Fannie Mae colapse could land him in the pokey too!

    Strange days indeed!!

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