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Claire Hops Aboard Democrats Hypocrisy Train; Criticizes Republicans for Healthcare Secrecy | Missouri Political News Service

Claire Hops Aboard Democrats Hypocrisy Train; Criticizes Republicans for Healthcare Secrecy

June 19th, 2017 by mopns_admin · No Comments

Vulnerable “moderate” Senator Claire McCaskill has hopped aboard her Party’s hypocrisy train by chastising Republicans for crafting their a healthcare bill in secret!

Leicester Post:

“We have no idea what’s being proposed,” McCaskill said in an emotional response. “There’s a group of guys in a back room somewhere that are making these decisions”. Hatch replied he didn’t know if there would be another hearing but “we’ve invited you to participate and your ideas”. We’re not gonna have an opportunity to offer a single amendment. Read more…

Yes the same Party that crafted Obamacare without any Republican input – or votes. The same party, under President Obama, that passed a so called “stimulus” bill that had Congressmen “crossing their fingers” after their votes and senators hoping their plane ride home is not delayed.

MOPNS: (2/13/09)

“Speed is important”“Debate starts at 10 in am. Votes late tomorrow aft or early eve. Holding flight home tomorrow night. Hope I make it.” Sen. Claire McCaskill on Twitter

“The people we represent can feel comfortable with what we have included in this package. Regardless of party, we all cast our votes with one hand and crossed our fingers with the other.”- Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Read more….


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