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2010 FLASHBACK: McCaskill on Obamacare: “It’ll be Popular 10 Years From Now” | Missouri Political News Service

2010 FLASHBACK: McCaskill on Obamacare: “It’ll be Popular 10 Years From Now”

February 9th, 2017 by mopns_admin · No Comments

Barack Obama and Claire McCaskill
This quote from the Claire Bear sounds like she really doesn’t care if she’s reelected in a couple of years. No matter how moderate Claire tries to appear, tying herself so closely to Obama by supporting this healthcare disaster, will most likely spell the end of her senate career.


“The first risk [of a health care defeat] is that he loses the reelect. I think the risk to Congress is that his approval rating goes so low, he does not have enough heft to lift other important things we want to work on. … So this is a gut check. He’s got so much to lose by continuing to push for something that’s not going to be immediately popular. It’s not going to be popular by November; it’s not going to be popular by November of 2012. It’ll be popular 10 years from now.” Read more…


AP: Taxing the rich to pay for health care


Only 20% Say Most in Congress Will Understand Health Care Plan Before They Vote On It

56% Oppose Medicare Cuts in Health Care Proposal



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