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Dem Pollster on Tommy Sowers: "Little Suspense About the Election's Outcome in November" | Missouri Political News Service

Dem Pollster on Tommy Sowers: “Little Suspense About the Election’s Outcome in November”

July 15th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

Respected Democrat pollster Stuart Rothenberg has thrown a wet blanket on the fledgling Sowers campaign. Writing yesterday in Roll Call, Rothernberg states that “there is little suspense about the election’s outcome in November.” 

Rothenberg goes in the article to effusively praise Sowers, including his prowess for raising large sums of money from out of state, liberal elites. He also seems to suggest, that because only 12% of the district’s resident have college degrees, they are too stupid to realize what a great candidate they have in Tommy Sowers! Amazing! Roll Call:

The Roll Call article about Sowers mentioned a fundraiser in Washington, D.C., hosted by some big names, including former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, retired Gen. Wesley Clark and Democratic-strategist-turned-talking-head Paul Begala.

But Sowers’ March Federal Election Commission report also showed contributions from “Saturday Night Live” producer Lorne Michaels, Manhattan philanthropist Donald Rubin (who spent $22 million on a Park Avenue penthouse five years ago), Credit Suisse executive Todd Sears, who has been active in gay rights groups, former New Line Cinema Chairman Robert Shaye, former Young & Rubicam CEO Ed Vick, Aspen writer and poet Bruce Berger, members of New York’s affluent Tisch family and dozens of lawyers, investment executives and Duke University alumni.

Remember, Sowers is running in southeastern Missouri where the largest communities are Cape Girardeau (about 37,000 residents), Rolla (about 18,000) and Poplar Bluff (17,000). According to 2000 Census figures, only 12 percent of district residents have a college degree, one of the lowest percentages in the nation.

While the liberal Missouri website Show Me Progress recently described Sowers as a “credible challenger” to Emerson, there is little suspense about the election’s outcome in November. Read more…


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  • 1 bud // Jul 15, 2010 at 10:35 am

    I wonder why self-centered Tommy has not posted this article on his website. Is it because the article points out that he has no chance of winning, or is it because the article highlights his gay activist support (even before his renowned Washington D.C. fundraiser at a bar that also hosts “Pocket Gay” Sunday School)?

  • 2 Former_Democrat // Jul 15, 2010 at 11:30 am

    Actions speak louder than words and people don’t trust Sowers because his actionsprove his words are lies.

  • 3 Loren // Nov 2, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    What would you rather have? A lady who tells you your problems are not her problems or your problems are not the problems of Congress compared to someone with the courage to represent your own small voice in Washington? Republican or Democrat. The People of Missouri want to have their voices be heard as gauranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. Tommy Sowers has my vote, where Emerson still ignores the fact she built a toxic waste dump in our own backyard and dumped an eligible national historic site discovered in Missouri’s 8th District down that same hole in the ground and repolluted our environment with the poisons of our own past as well as our national heritage that’s portrayed in the Rotunda of our Nation’s Capitol using Federal funds without ever worrying about conducting the required National Historic Preservation Act surveys. And still our local government piles up toxic waste like it’s ordinary dirt. But the EPA has to spend another 34 million dollars to cleanup the same stuff? Yes, it’s a problem when they start dumping it in your yard too. and at what a cost. Conservative doesn’t mean a thing with such wasteful spending and we have nothing to Show for it, but more health problems as superfund doesn’t fix hardly a problem at all. It just creates a giant pork barrel every politician in Washington wants to stick their grubby paws in. Give honesty and New Change in Washington a chance. That goes both ways. If the Republicans can do such a great job, then why didn’t they do so when they were in control. The song remains the same and only the names change as they pat each other on the back and think up new ways to tax the American People. In a perfect world we the people may someday elect a perfect House of Representatives and then the Senate can verify it by replacing them as well. All we ask is to do your job. How hard can it be, truthfully?

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