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Pew & Rasmussen: Public Wants Obamacare Repealed | Missouri Political News Service

Pew & Rasmussen: Public Wants Obamacare Repealed

July 15th, 2010 by jjjameson · No Comments

STL County executive Charlie Dooley rallying the Democrat faithful at an Obamacare astroturf rally last summer.

More bad news for Obamacare:

Almost four months after the passage of major health care legislation, the law remains unpopular with the public. Nearly half of Americans (47%) disapprove of the health care law while just 35% approve of the measure. An overwhelming proportion of opponents of health care legislation – 37% of the public overall – favor repealing the legislation as soon as possible. Just 7% say they want to let the law stand and see how it works. Read more…


Rasmussen Reports: 53% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law

Question Answered. Both Carnahan’s Support ‘Public Option’

Cong. Carnahan: “Protesting ObamaCare is An Attack On Our Representative System of Govt”

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  • 1 Paul Brown // Jul 27, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    For Release 7/27/2010
    Jack Jackson proposes senate-wide morals and ethics pledge.

    State Senate Candidate says pledge would be an assurance that lawmakers are focused on jobs and economy.

    Wildwood, MO. State Senate Candidate Jack Jackson says that when he is elected he’ll introduce a resolution that would ask all Missouri Senators to take a morals and ethics pledge. In February Jackson took a pledge to hold himself to the “highest possible moral and ethical standards”. The pledge was posted on his website:www.jackjackson.org. Jackson says his new proposal for a senate-wide pledge would ask lawmakers for a voluntary commitment, but one that he believes will reassure constituents that they are fully focused on important issues. “If you are always worried about someone finding skeletons in your closet then you can’t be working as hard as you can to find ways to revive the economy and bring back good jobs.” Jackson said. “My commitment to ethics also includes my strong refusal to use negative political tactics; people are sick and tired of politics as usual.” Jackson reaffirmed his own his pledge by saying,” It is my oath never to allow tainted ethics or scandalous morals distract me from my sworn mission to serve only the interest of those who would honor me with their trust and votes.”

    Jack Jackson is a retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel and highly decorated Vietnam combat veteran. He became the Chief Test Pilot and flight testing operations manager for Boeing. Jackson served as State Representative from 2002 to 2006 and led committees on Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security. Most recently he was the Co-Chairman for John McCain in Missouri. More biographical information on Jackson is available at; http://www.jackjackson.org.

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