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Quote of the Day: “One Good Reason Why This Story Won’t Go Away Is That It Isn’t Over” | Missouri Political News Service

Quote of the Day: “One Good Reason Why This Story Won’t Go Away Is That It Isn’t Over”

September 11th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

 The St. Louis American’s Political Eye column weighs in on the Jeff Smith affair:

One good reason why this story won’t go away is that it isn’t over. No one believes that we have heard the last damage done by the wires Brown and Ohlsen apparently wore. The feds will be keeping Ohlsen close to their chest for as long as they can, and who knows what cans of worms are roiling open there, but Brown’s and Smith’s activities are more known – and interesting on their own.

Consider that during the Smith campaign, Brown was working for an attorney general (Jay Nixon) who is now a governor. And consider that during the conspiracy to obstruct justice in the FEC investigation into the campaign, Smith was allies with a state senator (Chris Koster) who is now an attorney general. When you add in that Artie Harris was working for an attorney general (Andrew Cuomo in New York) when he testified to the FEC and killed himself, then you have no less than three past, present or future Democrat attorneys general whose business may be discussed on these wire tapes – one of them now a governor. Read more…


EXCLUSIVE Part 1: Emails Reveal Depth of Koster/Hatfield Scheme to Launder Contributions

Koster Campaign Busted Laundering Money with Jay Nixon Crony’s Help

Koster Consigliere Involved In More Campaign Finance Shenanigans?

Oh, This Really Stinks!



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