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It’s Called Self Preservation People! | Missouri Political News Service

It’s Called Self Preservation People!

November 7th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

 Our subtle advice to the alleged Peter Kinder haters

The good folks over at FiredUp Missouri are doing their best today to rain a little on Lt. Governor Kinder’s victory parade. IF their allegations are true, (They’ve finally put a picture up) FUM revealed today how Mr. Kinder won his election against Sam Page in a historic Democratic year.

From FiredUp Missouri:

“According to GOP sources, (MOPNS speculates the “sources” are either Rod Jetton or “political pygmy” Jason Van Eaton – or both!) Kinder and his allies distributed thousands of sample ballots in urban areas on Election Day.

One sample ballot sandwiched Kinder’s pocked mug between the photos of Barack Obama and Democratic Congressman Lacy Clay.”

How underhanded! A Republican candidate actually vying for African American votes! We have to hand it Kinder and his handlers to realize that the demographics in this country are changing, and that winning elections – solely dependent on white majorities – are coming to and end. We Didn’t see too many African Americans in Mr. Hulshof’s commercials -or in any of the other Republican statewide candidates’ commercials for that matter. My God, rent an actor or actors for a day. Your message told thousands of voters that you didn’t even respect them enough to put a token in a campaign commercial!

After being humiliated and told to stand down so that the state committee could hand pick the candidate they wanted, Mr. Kinder had every right to run his campaign the way he saw fit, and it obviously was very successful. An old friend of ours had a saying that is very fitting for this occasion: “I’m loyal to those that are loyal to me.” We say Amen!


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  • 1 Frank // Nov 7, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    I hear that Jared Craighead has been shown the door. What a putz who doesn’t keep his word!

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