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Have Another Beer on Us Sam!

November 5th, 2008 by MarkTwain · No Comments

 Sam Page: Abandoned at the polls by Black folks.

We don’t know if the good Doctor Sam Page drinks – if he doesn’t – he certainly does now after being the sole statewide Democrat candidate to lose yesterday. Even new Democrat Chris Koster won yesterday! To add insult to injury, you lost – in a Democrat year mind you – to a candidate you could have easily tied to a Republican governor who is low in favorability.

Instead of sending out surrender emails a week before the end of the campaign, and fluff email videos with Page’s hearing impaired mother in law signing how much Dr. Page loves the hearing impaired, you should have been watching your African American flank. What did the mother in law video get you? About 100 extra votes?

We want to send our congratulations to Peter Kinder’s team. They did an excellent job of out hustling Page’s team and they confidently battled him on turf Page didn’t even try and defend, and that was the African American vote. Several African American Democrats held fundraisers for Kinder and he seemed at home with the crowd.

People have told us that Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is a man of integrity, loyalty, and friendship, as evidenced by his low key visit to the bedside of the late Rep. Sherman Parker as he lay gravely ill in a St. Louis hospital. On the other hand, according to J. Jonah, we have Dr. Page refusing to call Kinder personally to congratulate him on his victory. We think that the people of Missouri made the right choice too.

Congratulations Lt Governor and the best of luck in the future.



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