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Worst Liberal Spin of the Day

February 2nd, 2012 · No Comments

Liberal national blog Talking Points Memo has our worst liberal spin of the day: “In Missouri, a new survey from Public Policy Polling shows incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill in a dead heat with her Republican challengers, mainly because her challengers are both unknown and have high unfavorables.” WTF!!!!! That sure isn’t how we see it. […]

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Sarah Steelman: Tea Party Candidate or Establishment Candidate?

December 6th, 2010 · No Comments

A debate is heating up in the blogosphere on whether Sarah Steelman is a tea partier or not: Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom: “I keep reading these news stories about Sarah Steelman in the days since she announced her bid for the Senate. Many of them try to make the case that she is the establishment […]

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A Lesson for the MOGOP?

November 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Looks like Senator Cornyn doesn’t want to make the mistake again of alienating Tea Party voters: National Journal: National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair John Cornyn (R-Texas) reached out to former Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman (R) about a Senate campaign before Thanksgiving, according to an NRSC source. In addition to encouraging her to run, Cornyn assured […]

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Missouri Record: “There’s Something About Sarah” or “Forgetting Sarah Steelman”

May 14th, 2009 · No Comments

By Patrick Tuohey Sarah Steelman and her campaign are faulted for ensuring that Rep. Kenny Hulshof would lose.  It was a nasty race, it is said, and Hulshof was so damaged that he could not win.  I am not privy to the polling data for either the Steelman of Hulshof campaigns, but this appears to […]

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Roll Call: Steelman in No Hurry to Jump in Senate Race

April 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

Back in February, many Republican insiders around the state thought it was a huge mistake for Sarah Steelman to cede the entire annual Lincoln Days convention to Roy Blunt and his supporters, especially when Saturday night’s keynote speaker – Rep. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma – practically endorsed Mr. Blunt in his remarks. What a difference […]

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Cantanese Gets a “D” for Drive By Reporting

March 30th, 2009 · No Comments

Since it seems Mr. Cantanese is going to continue with his weekly asinine grading system for Governor Nixon, we’d like to offer our own grade of Canatnese’s recent poor reporting. Last Friday, he reported on a Missouri Senate poll conducted by a very reputable polling firm out Oklahoma, Wilson Research Strategies. In the poll, WRS […]

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Club for Growth: Too Early to Make Pick For Bond’s Seat

February 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

From the Capital Calling blog: The group hasn’t been shy about shaking the cage of the Republican establishment. They have been fiercely critical, for instance, of Bond’s record on spending over the last few years. Club for Growth spokeswoman Nachama Soloveichik said her organization hasn’t made a decision on who to support in the Missouri’s […]

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Public Policy Polling: “Steelman’s Primary Problem”

January 27th, 2009 · No Comments

According to Public Policy Polling, Sarah Steelman has some work to do with the base if she want’s to secure the Republican Senate nomination in 2010: Sarah Steelman is apparently headed to Washington this week to try to round up support for a 2010 Missouri Senate bid. When you look at our poll from a […]

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Great Expectations

January 14th, 2009 · No Comments

From Charity Angel‘s Thoughts blog: Yesterday, my husband, children and I went to the inaugural ball. My children had never been to an inaugural ball before, and so we thought that it would be a great field trip for them. The first thing that my children got excited about was seeing Sarah Steelman’s name on […]

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Let The Facebook Battle Begin!

January 13th, 2009 · No Comments

   Carnahan 252 members – Steelman 16 members Two draft groups were started on Facebook yesterday. Messenger has a blurb on the  Political Fix about the Carnahan group, and a tipster sent us this link to the draft Sarah Steelman group.

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