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Rep. Stacy Newman & Key Prosecution Witness Collude But Judge Allows Her Testimony Anyway | Missouri Political News Service

Rep. Stacy Newman & Key Prosecution Witness Collude But Judge Allows Her Testimony Anyway

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The Judge presiding over Governor Greiten’s invasion of privacy case has given another indication today that he doesn’t want to be a factor in determining Governor Greitens guilt or innocence. Greiten’s defense team was trying to bar the testimony of “KS, the star witness in this case, because of this startling revelation:

“There is no doubt that this case smells of politics. Missouri Times and Scott Faughn’s heavycash involvement leaves little doubt. Ms. Gardner’s request for a trial setting the day before the midterm elections leaves little doubt. And, evidence produced yesterday, text messages betweenK.S. and Missouri State Representative Stacey Newman, also leave little doubt. Specifically, onJanuary 11, 2018, Ms. Newman said to K.S., “my House Dem leadership insist you need a lawyerfast.” Two hours later, Ms. Newman says, “I may need to talk w your lawyers.” Then a week later,Ms. Newman sent a text to K.S., providing K.S. the name and phone number of “STL CircuitAttorney Kim Gardner, she said you can have your attorney call her.” Read more…

The Greiten’s defense team did get a win today. Judge Burlison ruled that two electrical engineers wouldnt be allowed to testify to the sound an iPhone camera and what constitutes transmitting a photo

“If Greitens’ lawyers had been successful in barring the woman from testifying, it would have likely required dismissal of the case, set to go to trial next week. Chief Trial Assistant Robert Dierker admitted in court on Monday that prosecutors do not have the photograph in question or any witnesses who have seen it. Dierker insisted, however, that they have circumstantial evidence of both the photo and its transmittal, as required by the invasion of privacy statute under which Greitens is being prosecuted.” Read more…


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