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STL Circuit Attorney's Office Label Own Investigator "Inspector Clouseau" | Missouri Political News Service

STL Circuit Attorney’s Office Label Own Investigator “Inspector Clouseau”

April 17th, 2018 by mopns_admin · No Comments

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Just when you thought the indictment and invasion of privacy case against Governor Greitens couldn’t get any more bizarre, we know have a prosecutor in the circuit attorney’s office describing their unlicensed out of state investigator (whose firm owes back taxes and regulatory filings) in court as an Inspector Clouseau:

Attorneys for Greitens repeatedly have claimed the prosecutor’s office has failed to turn over evidence. They said in court Thursday a videotaped deposition of the woman was withheld until an hour after the special House committee’s report was released. On Monday, attorney Jim Martin said 11 pages of Tisaby’s notes from a deposition of a friend of the woman, requested weeks ago, were not turned over until Sunday, after Martin threatened to go to court to ask for them.

“We have seen that information has been hidden from us, exculpatory information,” Martin said.

Dierker, comparing Tisaby to the incompetent fictional Inspector Clouseau from “The Pink Panther” movies, said Tisaby has “caused us to appear to be hiding the ball.”

“We are saddled with the egregious mistake of relying on him,” Dierker said. Read more….

Tisaby is a former FBI agent and bigamist who claimed that he didn’t take any notes during a deposition until the defense found a video screen shot of him with a pen or pencil in his hand!


“I Worked In St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s Office”

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