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Rep. Curtman Files Bar Complaint Against St. Louis Circuit Attorney | Missouri Political News Service

Rep. Curtman Files Bar Complaint Against St. Louis Circuit Attorney

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Finally, someone is trying to reign in renegade prosecutor Kim Gardner who is hell bent on either making a name for herself in the legal profession, or, making herself look like an absolute fool with this ill advised and weak case. At this stage of the game, we believe she is inadverdently choosing the latter.

The Sentinel:

On Monday, Curtman filed a complaint with the Missouri Bar Association (MBA). The subject of his complaint is St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, the prosecutor in question. Curtman believes the MBA should investigate Gardner for “prosecutorial and legal misconduct” in her investigation of Greitens. If the MBA finds her in violation, Curtman believes she should be disbarred immediately.

“I didn’t take this action lightly,” said Curtman. A constitutional conservative, he is of the opinion that “when we mix politics into the administration of the law, we violate our country’s oldest and most sacred traditions.” He argues that in choosing to prosecute Greitens, Gardner did exactly that.

Curtman cites any number of irregularities on Gardner’s part. These include her use of unlicensed private investigators, the enlistment of an out-of-state private prosecutor, the preparation of an indictment before an investigation, the absence of a written investigative report, inappropriate discussions with police officers, and the failure to use the police appropriately. Read more…


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