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“Reporters – While on the Job – Must Leave it to the Jury to Determine Who is a Victim.” | Missouri Political News Service

“Reporters – While on the Job – Must Leave it to the Jury to Determine Who is a Victim.”

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Tony “Baghdad” Messenger, who was probably fired as the editor of the Springfield News Leader for incompetence has another hit piece out on the upcoming Greiten’s trial. The St. Louis Post Disgrace is so fortunate to have award winning caliber journalism like this:

From what I remember from the 1997 movie “The Devil’s Advocate” starring Al Pacino, Satan’s lawyers were pretty good. But in real life, Lucifer doesn’t have his own law firm. In fact, those who belong to The Satanic Temple don’t actually worship the Christian version of Beelzebub. They are nontheistic secularists mostly, says Lucien Greaves, the Salem, Mass.-based co-founder and spokesman for The Satanic Temple. “We don’t believe in a personal Satan,” Greaves told me Thursday. “We do believe that everybody should take responsibility for their own actions.” That last statement was a not-so-veiled shot at Missouri’s governor.

Messenger was called out on his shodddy journalism a few years ago by former Mssourinet reporter Steve Walsh:

“What I found troubling was that in several reports the teenager who claimed she had been sexually assaulted was referred to as “the victim.” Was the teenager a victim … or merely an “accuser?” Keep in mind the jury determined the evidence did not support the young accuser’s claim she had been victimized by Muschany. Any American has the right to second guess a jury, but reporters – while on the job – must leave it to the jury to determine who is, indeed, a victim.”


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