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McCaskill Believes Constituents Don't Deserve Tax Relief Because Companies Got Relief Too | Missouri Political News Service

McCaskill Believes Constituents Don’t Deserve Tax Relief Because Companies Got Relief Too

April 2nd, 2018 by mopns_admin · No Comments

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Hmmm, dont know if this explanation is going to fly with Missouri voters this fall. I voted against you having more money in your paychecks because pharmaceutical companies received a tax windfall that helps them research and develop more life saving drugs. How many of these pharmaceutical companies gave part of their tax windfalls back to their employees in the form of bonuses? Also, how smart is it to still clinging to President Obama in a state that went so heavily for Donald Trump in 2016?

The pharmaceutical industry took a $50 billion windfall from that bill, gave it to their shareholders and didn’t lower the price of prescription drugs a penny,” McCaskill says. McCaskill, who spoke to reporters at Wednesday’s labor rally outside the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City, says 83 percent of the money will go to one percent of the country, under the bill. McCaskill also says $1.8 trillion in debt has been added in the last six months, under Republican leadership in Washington. “All I heard from my Republican colleagues before they took power was deficit, deficit, deficit,” says McCaskill. “And they’ve blown this deficit up to places that one couldn’t even imagine it could go.” U.S. Rep. Jason Smith, R-Salem, views the tax cut differently. Read more…


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