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"Brian Wahby Being Brian Wahby" | Missouri Political News Service

“Brian Wahby Being Brian Wahby”

June 4th, 2012 by mopns · No Comments

The American reports on the shady dealings going on in St. Louis City’s Democratic sixth ward where NO African Americans were endorsed a couple of weeks ago. Excluded from an endorsement was former legislative aide Michael Butler who is running against school choice advocate and Wahby protege Martin Casas.   It seems they had cover:

“Other St. Louis Black elected officials donating to Casas were Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed ($550) License Collector Mike McMillan ($150)  Alderwoman Kacie Starr Triplett ($50) Alderman Jeffrey Boyd ($150).”Read more…

STL American:

Driving dirty because you didn’t pay your parking tickets, then running to be elected to be the parking meter czar? That’s just Brian Wahby being Brian Wahby.

Remaining seated as a presumably neutral Democratic Party chair for the city of St. Louis while running in a contested citywide Democratic Party? That’s just Wahby being Wahby.

Serving as presumably neutral Democratic Party chair for the city of St. Louis while exploiting the fine print in a ward organization’s bylaws to win that ward’s endorsement by stacking the organization with brand new members loyal to you? Just Wahby again being Wahby.

Several Democratic leaders in the 6th Ward are extremely irritated with the tactics that Wahby used to win the 6th Ward endorsement. Wahby used the liberal voting rules in the 6th Ward bylaws that allow same-day membership and absentee voting to recruit voters who had never been members of the ward organization to “stack” votes for him. Read more…


St. Louis Loses Dem Convention: Is Brian Wahby Responsible?



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