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Jamilah, "lil' Niecey" Nasheed Completes the Trifecta | Missouri Political News Service

Jamilah, “Lil’ Niecey” Nasheed Completes the Trifecta

March 20th, 2012 by mopns · No Comments

Political Fix:

Last week, Slay offered his support for Nasheed in her bid to jump from the state House to the state Senate.  The endorsement is notable for a few reasons.  In 2007, Nasheed — than a fiery community activist — was leading the spirited if impractical attempt to recall Slay from office. But Nasheed has come a long way from her “No Justice, No Peace” days — her prime office space in the state Capitol reflects a savvy ability to work across the aisle. Read more…

Lil’ Niecey, with her endorsement from St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, completes the trifecta of her sell outs to her community. The first sell out was her unusually close relationship with Republican house leadership which resulted in a coveted office and a plum parking space in the legislator’s garage. Unfortunately for her constituents, this relationship resulted in her passing ZERO bills last session.

Her second sell out is her support for charter school advocate and 79th district candidate Martin Casas. The former “no justice no peace” community activist is supporting Casas (who is Hispanic or White, depending on his audience) over former legislative aide Michael Butler. Nasheed has donated$200. Other St. Louis Black elected officials donating to Casas were Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed ($550) License Collector Mike McMillan ($150)  Alderwoman Kacie Starr Triplett ($50) Alderman Jeffrey Boyd ($150).


Rep. Jamilah (Lil’ Niecey) Nasheed & “Coonery”



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