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Rep. Jamilah (Lil' Niecey) Nasheed & "Coonery" | Missouri Political News Service

Rep. Jamilah (Lil’ Niecey) Nasheed & “Coonery”

January 4th, 2012 by mopns · No Comments

Coonery: Antics and behavior displayed by certain underclass individuals in the Black culture, the end result being the embarrassment of the rest of the upstanding Black community.–Urban Dictionary

The words “coonery” and Jamilah Nasheed go together like peanut butter and jelly and ham and eggs. (sorry for the pork reference Lil Niecey) Now, before you take offense of our use of the word coonery, we’re just borrowing it from the son of Nasheed’s primary opponent in senate district five, Sen. Robin Wright Jones. Mr. Jones took offense at Nasheed announcing at a nightclub, in the middle of a jam probably, that she was running against his mother. We know that good Muslims don’t drink, so Lil’ Neicey can’t blame alcohol for her ghetto fabulous faux pas, so it looks like it was just good old fashioned coonery at work! Below are a few more past examples of Lil’ Neicey coonery.


Source: Black STL Police Officers Lose in Local Control Compromise; Rep. Nasheed Nets $5K

Poster Child for Term Limits Advocates Abolishing Term Limits

Chairwoman Jamilah “Lil’ Niecy” Nasheed Passes ZERO Bills This Session

Quote of the Day: Nasheed: “We Have to Focus on Our Communities”; Goes AWOL on Vote Extending Unemployment Benefits

Quote of the Day: Rep. Jamilah ‘Niecey Williams’ Nasheed: ‘Domestic Violence is Self Inflicted’

UPDATE: Black Legislators Sell Out Nixon & Constituents – For Great Parking!



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