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Chairwoman Jamilah "Lil' Niecy" Nasheed Passes ZERO Bills This Session | Missouri Political News Service

Chairwoman Jamilah “Lil’ Niecy” Nasheed Passes ZERO Bills This Session

May 16th, 2011 by mopns · No Comments


 The St. Louis arm of the state control media give their assessment on why the local control bill failed this session in the klegislature:

“The St. Louis Police Local control bill fell victim to the rivalry, as the Senate refused to allow a vote on the bill unless it got its way with tax credits…

“These special interests who tee something up, that we’re supposed to pass something under orders from them, that they’ve worked out in the last two hours, is absolutely outrageous, [Democratic Floor Leader Victor]Callahan said”

Callahan was actually referring to the nuclear power plant bill but he could easily been referring to Mayor Slay and the last minute deal that was crafted to garner local control. Rep. Jamilah “Lil’ Niecey” Nasheed is the real victim in the whole disaster. You mean to tell us that the chairwoman of a committee – with the great perks of a third floor office and a prime parking spot in the garage – couldn’t even pass ONE of her bills out of the House? Lil’ Niecey did get thrown thirty pieces of gold for her shadow work she did for the earnings tax campaign that passed in April. But she paid a heavy price. She’s angered the Nixon Administration, and fellow caucus members, for her siding with Republicans on votes and now she will be running for reelection next year in a district she shares with a political ally. Sounds to us like somebody really got punked!



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  • 2 Jacob Turk // May 26, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    She certainly helped the Republicans pass the Cleaver protection plan that was Congressional redistricting. Please give credit where credit is due!

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