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Cleaver Asks for $48 BILLION Earmark for "Mystery Project" | Missouri Political News Service

Cleaver Asks for $48 BILLION Earmark for “Mystery Project”….Seriously!

December 10th, 2010 by mopns · 2 Comments

This folks is why conservatives say that our government doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem!

 Taxpayers Against Earmarks:

And if you are shocked by the number and dollar amount of the earmarks requested this year, imagine this possible earmark request: $48 billion from Congressman Emanuel Cleaver for Quality Day Campus, Inc., an ambiguous organization in Kansas City whose only presence on the web is on MySpace! Even more, by navigating to page 25 of this list of appropriations requests from Congressman Cleaver’s office, you’ll find that the request was actually too large to fit in the provided space! We excluded this dollar amount from the database because the Congressman’s office would not confirm that he actually submitted this as an official request to the House Appropriations Committee. According to Cleaver’s request list, the $48 billion is only for phase one of the mysterious project. Read more….

This guy doesn’t have a clue! Remember Cleaver’s $ 2,900 a month mobile office that runs on recycled vegetable cooking oil? Or the $200 million in ‘stimulus’ dollars for “green bus stops?” Rep. Cleaver must think we really are dumber than a sixth grader!


Political Fix: Clay: Where is “loud-mouthed, anti-spending tea party” on tax deal?

Rasmussen Reports: 56% of Likely U.S. Voters favor the agreement that extends the Bush tax cuts for all Americans



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  • 1 Jonathon // Dec 10, 2010 at 11:32 pm

    And people in Kansas City wanted this guy over Jacob Turk?! This town is lost.

  • 2 lamarmickens // Dec 26, 2010 at 11:01 am

    On or around December 15th 2010 an article was posted on several blog sites concerning a congressional earmark request for $48 billion dollars to fund an initiative called the War On Poverty. An initiative conceived by our organization, Quality Day Campus Inc., but was utilized ( our assumption) by a “band of media groups” to create and circulate a vicious smear campaign against Congressman Emanuel Cleaver.

    A campaign-(smear) that also angered and outraged many over blog sites as well as caused damage to the creditability to our organization and possibly damaged the potential support that could have been gardened for the initiative, had these individuals responsible had taken professional care in researching the truth concerning our efforts, the involvement of the congressman’s office and caused further distrust between the American people, political officials and the private sector, namely organizations, such as ours.

    Our intent for submitting these appropriations request annually was to bring to the attention of the congressional subcommittees our request as well as congress in the hopes that they (congress or congressional subcommittees) would consider our alternative measure for support. We (our organization) is trying to stop government from the corrupt practices of wrongful spending / mismanagement. Its time the American people take back control of their government and not at the expense of a few naysayer’s running amuck in the media community making trouble with lies, falsehood and innuendoes…

    However, in light of these events surrounding the congressman as a result of a willful misguided few, I can only hope that their efforts at sabotage have not truly hurt our right and freedom of “expression.” One that has caused no harm to anyone, nor infringed upon any rights or civil liberties. The same cannot be said for those who masterminded and partook in these shameful acts–that I can only surmise as selfish and grossly negligent.

    A negligence that I must now call upon the honest and decent American people to discover for themselves to witness by visiting these sites and seeing first hand for themselves at the depth and callousness through the responses by citizens that these blogs triggered. From racially charged slurs and innuendoes to others too dire for me to mention.

    Our organization feels that there should be some sort of formal inquiry as to ascertain whether this was a staged and or deliberate attack politically, aimed at Congressman Cleaver, the CBC-(which was named in one blogger’s comment) or our organization for proposing such a request.

    Or was it possibly “racially charged” due in part to the fact that members of our organization as well as Congressman Cleaver ourselves are minorities. We hope that there is an investigation into the matter in order to ascertain if this was an act by an individual or group acting out in malice politically, organizationally or racially. Time will tell…

    Our organization has already started talks with two of the online media sources responsible for these slanderous attacks. We have asked the following conditions and if these conditions are not met, we will be pursuing legal action against them and others that we uncover in our investigative wake.

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