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White House Hails Cleaver’s “Green Bus Stops” Plan | Missouri Political News Service

White House Hails Cleaver’s “Green Bus Stops” Plan

September 2nd, 2009 by MarkTwain · No Comments

“Think it’s too early to inject a little pessimism? Sorry, but the people who live in the neighborhoods affected by Green Impact Zone initiatives are used to being guinea pigs for purportedly wonderful programs to boost the urban core.” – K. C. Star editorial columnist Yael T. Abouhalkah

Elana Schor, daughter of communist senior NPR reporter Daniel Schor, attempts in this piece to keep the Obama media lovefest going in the midst of the president’s sinking poll numbers. She admits that road funding has been “shortchanged” in the massive porkulus bill, but she cites Cong. Cleaver’s $200 million plan to place green bus stops in the hood a “success story.”

“Cities have been rather shortchanged by the stimulus law’s road funding — though transit money has been more amply directed to large urban areas — but the Obama administration found a stimulus success story today in Kansas City.”

 A “green” bus stop in San Francisco

 Oh, we almost forgot to mention, there is a job creation component embedded deep inside the $200 million plan:

 “The “Impact Zone” is aiming to provide job training in transit and park-building for the neighborhood’s population of ex-parolees.”

“Job training in transit and park building???” These are the green jobs the president promised for the 21st century? And believe it or not, the White House hopes to duplicate this “success” in other parts of the country!

“White House aides visited Kansas City to evaluate how its use of $200 million in stimulus aid to help revitalize the urban center could be replicated in other cities around the country.”


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