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Corrigan Raises Over $1 Million; Breaks Support and Fundraising Records

July 14th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

 Charlie Dooley’s South County office opening (7/12)

Republican Bill Corrigan turned in a strong fundraising quarter according to their latest press release. Saying that his “positive vision for St. Louis County [was] resonating with voters,” Corrigan gained record-breaking support by raising $339,811.99 this quarter for a total of $1,095,345.98. Corrigan’s campaign is also reporting $791,394.97 cash on hand.
According to the release, Corrigan has raised more than the last three general election competitors in their entire election cycles.

Total Receipts
Year: Amount Raised by non-incumbent
2010: Bill Corrigan $1,095,345.98 to date
2006: $19,389.47
2004: $554,441
2002 $199,092.89


STL County Executive Touts “Talent Deficiencies” on Campaign Website

Video: Video: Bill Corrigan: “We Are Outsiders”



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