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The Greyfalcon on Ed Martin’s Health Care Forum | Missouri Political News Service

The Greyfalcon on Ed Martin’s Health Care Forum

March 4th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

The only way conservatives can defeat incumbents is for them to have a clear message. Ed Martin has been presenting his vision for the nation using town hall meetings where the people help him shape tell his story. The focus of Martin’s message on Wednesday’s gathering was that that America must liberate itself from the bonds of the “Entitlement” society. This is not just government entitlements, but the big E notion that people are entitled to stuff just because they want it.

Cong.  “now is our time” Carnahan proudly holding up the massive 2,000 page healthcare bill @ an Obamacare astroturf rally last summer. Clapping enthusiastically is STL County Executive Charlie Dooley.

Martin is running against Russ Carnahan in the Third Congressional District. As before Carnahan was invited to attend but was not there. In his place was a copy of the 2000 page bill that passed the house with Carnahan’s name on it. That image will probably be more compromising than anything that he would have said at the town hall meeting.

Martin reemphasized the urgency of the situation, stating that he shared the people’s frustration at the continued attempts to pass this bill that the people do not want. He showed that he was in tune with their anger. Martin even discussed concerns that it might be difficult to reverse the legislation once passed, a subject that is somewhat touchy for some hopeful Republican candidates.

We also discussed the truth behind the health care imperative that Team Obama is pushing. Throughout the last decade this cabal has dangled the notion that young people will be alleviated from the burdens of paying for their own health care. They tended to use “universal health care”interchangably with “universal health coverage”, and “free health care” with “free health coverage”. This misdirection has been amplified by films like Michael Moore’s “Sicko”, where many Generation X’ers have been taught that you can seperate the $4 prescriptions that they can get in Cuba with the oppressive economic and political system. (obviously they haven’t been to Wal-Mart lately). Read more…



Ed Martin Townhall Russ Carnahan Chickens Out. (1/16/10)

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  • 1 Gene Hutchins // Mar 5, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    Stopping entitlements is a very valid point. Particularly stopping NEW entitlment programs; and what more is needed is auditing and recertifiying those that are getting entitlments for disability. The number of persons claiming disability entitlments is enormous. The disability is not always permanent!!

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