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Will Jay Nixon Confidante & Former MO Democrat Chairman Be Indicted? | Missouri Political News Service

Will Jay Nixon Confidante & Former MO Democrat Chairman Be Indicted?

February 22nd, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

STL County Executive Charlie Dooley’s campaign manager and treasurer John Temporiti “chillin’ like a villain”

KMOX’s Kevin Killeen reported last Friday that the FBI is actively investigating people very close to St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley.  Few are closer than John Temporiti, a high-ranking Democrat who was denied a state appointment by Senate Republicans who felt he was too political. 

It is easy to see why he was rejected when you look closely at how connected he is to very questionable actions in St. Louis County. It is alleged that Temporiti is widely known to solicit business for his law firm from St. Louis County businesses who are applying for state contracts or tax credits.

Not only is it alleged that he directly solicits business from companies that want something from the state, St. Louis County Counselor Pat Redington’s office has been rumored to often refer legal work to Temporiti’s law firm, Gallop Johnson, when businesses are closing deals with the county.  Ironically, Reddington has made it to several judicial panels presented under the so called Missouri Plan, entirely “coincidentally” of course, but was passed over for an appointment each time.

Is something rotten in the state of Missouri?  The FBI will surely find out – keep checking this site for more information as we hear it.


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