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Temporiti Continues to Drag Down Dooley | Missouri Political News Service

Temporiti Continues to Drag Down Dooley

November 30th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

John Temporiti, “chillin’ like a villain” after new appointment from Gov. Nixon

 We can’t believe we’re doing this, but mad shout outs to St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter Paul Hampel. Hampel has been all over the recent shenanigans and shady dealings going on in Charlie Dooley’s St. Louis County government.

In what is shaping up to be the most contentious election for St. Louis County executive in 20 years, much of the focus is not on the candidates but on John Temporiti, who is County Executive Charlie Dooley’s campaign manager and treasurer.

A skilled political fundraiser, Temporiti may be Dooley’s most valuable operative as the county executive defends his seat in next November’s election against the Republican challenger, lawyer Bill Corrigan….

However, critics maintain that Temporiti has continued to meddle in county affairs by lobbying on behalf of law firm clients to public officials, some of whom are beholden to Dooley for their jobs. Read more…


Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! Nixon Pays Back Top Democrat Official with High Level Appointment

Quote of the Day: Temporiti: “I Think You’re Going to Have Another Opportunity to Reconsider Your Vote”



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