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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! Nixon Pays Back Top Democrat Official with High Level Appointment | Missouri Political News Service

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! Nixon Pays Back Top Democrat Official with High Level Appointment

July 8th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

John Temporiti, “chillin’ like a villain” after new appointment from Gov. Nixon

John Temporiti, recent chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party and friend of Jay Nixon, has been appointed to the Missouri Housing Development Commission – an organization that has come under fire for the widespread impression that its decisions are often influenced more by campaign contributions than by an actual need for low-income housing. Nixon has said that he is committed to reform, but the facts seem to outweigh his rhetoric. This appointment indicates that Nixon wants to extract more campaign cash from developers seeking millions in taxpayer dollars.

What is the problem with this appointment, other than the fact that it is an obvious example of a prime appointment being given as a reward for political support? Well, it has been rumored that John Temporiti has been shopping himself as a lobbyist/consultant/lawyer to St. Louis businesses since Jay won. One business leader reported that Temporiti has been pushing his ability to get anything from the administration – an obvious threat to the integrity of the MHDC if his appointment is confirmed. In addition, since Temporiti is a lawyer, he can avoid disclosing his lobbying relationships by saying he is handling legal work for them and using the shield of attorney-client privilege – all the while potentially working from the inside of the MHDC to funnel money to his clients and Nixon’s supporters.

Will Temporiti disclose any relationships with developers and properly recuse himself when there is a potential conflict of interest? Is this an effort by Nixon to increase his pay to play effort? It is highly inappropriate for Nixon to put one of his top political fundraisers on a powerful commission that distributes millions in tax credits. How much will Nixon raise with Temporiti on MHDC? In time, we will know for sure.


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