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A Very Merry Christmas – Courtesy of Jay Nixon’s Department of Revenue | Missouri Political News Service

A Very Merry Christmas – Courtesy of Jay Nixon’s Department of Revenue

January 11th, 2010 by mopns · No Comments

Christmas is a time of giving. For Alternative Opportunities, Inc. (AO), it was mostly a time of receiving. After its executives gave over $10,000 to Jay Nixon’s campaign, it was only fitting that AO received another extra special gift from Jay at Christmas. This time, it was in the form of extra bonus points for AO’s already fraudulent bids.

Right after Christmas, the Department of Revenue issued a revised Request for Proposal that increased the bonus points received by not-for-profit corporations by 40%. This revised point schedule was suddenly foisted upon all bidders – even the ones that submitted bids months ago. The fishiest point in all of this: AO was the only not-for-profit bidding. Why was it necessary to give these extra points? Undoubtedly, it was so Jay could ensure that several of the state’s largest license offices would go to his friends at AO.

That is one heck of a gift for a group that lies on state bids and is then rewarded by being given even more contracts. Add in the fact that AO has entered into contracts to pay its executives millions of dollars and you can be sure that their stockings were brimming with taxpayer money this Christmas.



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  • 1 hemakesmesick // Jan 11, 2010 at 9:29 am

    Many of those interested in running one of these offices have given up. The deck is stacked in AO’s favor, why bother? It is fraud to keep pretending anyone can bid these offices when that is just not true.

    A withdrawn bid is a protest. It says, “there is no point, this process is rigged….where is the FBI?”

    Those involved are all a bunch of liars. Why not just give the dang offices to AO, why put others out preparing bids to the exact specs in these RFP’s knowing there is no chance it’s probably even being read.

    I think it is an issue for law enforcement. These agencies in conjunction with the governor’s office have conspired to give special consideration to a political supporter of the governor’s in exchange for financial gain for both parties. They have given a few cash strapped offices back to the Republicans to cover their tracks and give them the ability to say they were fair, nothing could be any further from the truth.

    Where are the cops when you need ’em?

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