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Talent: “Obama’s 2010 Defense Budget: Top Five Worst Choices for National Security”

June 15th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

The former Senator and a senior policy analyst with the Heritage Foundation give their “Top Five Worst Choices for National Security” in Obama’s 2010 defense budget.

By Jim Talent & Mackenzie Eaglen

The Obama Administration may be cutting defense because the President believes in negotiation and conciliation, and he may think that those tactics are inconsistent with military power. If so, he is making a strategic mistake that will eventually overwhelm his foreign policy.

The tools of diplomacy and soft power require an atmosphere of security within which they can operate—an environment only American strength can provide. If Members of Congress really want the President to succeed, they will step back, reexamine Vietnam-era assumptions about the American military, and ask themselves whether they really want American power to continue to decline. Walking softly in foreign policy is not a new idea nor a bad idea; however, it works only if you also carry a big stick. Read more…




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