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Bond Details Green Job Costs | Missouri Political News Service

Bond Details Green Job Costs

April 30th, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

How many of you knew that our own Kit Bond is the ranking member of a brand new Senate subcommittee called “Green Jobs and the New Economy.” Yeah, we hadn’t either. The senator released a report on Monday titled, “Yellow light on Green Jobs.” that dispels the myths we’re being sold by the president and the Democrats that these are the next high paying jobs. The Heritage Foundation has a few highlights from the 44 page report:

On the cost of renewable energy:

“Comparisons of wind, solar, nuclear, natural gas and coal sources of power coming on line by 2015 show that solar power will be 173% more expensive per unit of energy delivered than traditional coal power, 140% more than nuclear power and natural gas and 92% more expensive than wind power. Wind power is 42% more expensive than nuclear and natural gas power.”

On the reliability of wind and solar power:

“Even this analysis understates the cost of wind and solar power given the additional source of power that is needed when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing. Wind and solar’s “capacity factor” or availability to supply power is around 33%, which means 67% of the time wind and solar cannot supply power and must be supplemented by a traditional energy source such as nuclear, natural gas or coal.” Read more…


Missouri’s Prop (C)arnahan: The ONLY Green Initiative to Pass Tuesday

Carnahans’ to Benefit From Proposition C Passage



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