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The Sad Decline of Objective Journalism | Missouri Political News Service

The Sad Decline of Objective Journalism

May 1st, 2009 by mopns · No Comments

And these people seriously wonder why they have no credibility???? “Pretty Boy” Dave Cantanese must feel pretty stupid now after fawning all over Jay Nixon in March and giving him a “B” grade for promising to restore tourism money to Branson. Now he reports yesterday that Jay is breaking that promise. Are we surprised by Jay’s backtracking and Cantanese’s predictable ass kissing? NO!

KY3 Political Notebook 3/22/09:


“Governor Nixon took his spring break week to announce he was restoring $1 million bucks for tourism this year. And some Republicans rolled their eyes. How can the Gov. take/receive credit for restoring just part of the money he took away just months earlier? It’s like taking a few bites out of somebody’s sandwich at lunch when they go to the restroom — and when they return to the table, they thank you for not eating the whole thing. He can, because he’s the Gov.” Read more…


Media Priorities: Money Laundering, Who Cares? Koster Hires New Press Secretary!



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