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Carnahans’ to Benefit From Proposition C Passage | Missouri Political News Service

Carnahans’ to Benefit From Proposition C Passage

October 6th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

The Kansas City Star had a story yesterday that basically details how, with the passage of Proposition C, the Carnahan’s are going to get richer by exploiting their political connections and the anger Americans have towards rising energy prices.

Proposition C, the renewable energy initiative on Missouri’s November ballot, appears to have lots of support and little organized opposition. Indeed, the Missouri Clean Energy Initiative has raised more than $325,000 for its campaign after groups collected enough signatures to put the measure on the ballot.

Proposition C would require at least 2 percent of electricity to be generated by investor-owned utilities from sources such as wind, solar, biomass and hydropower by 2011 and at least 15 percent by 2021.

“By investing in wind, solar and the next generation of biofuels, we can produce the energy we use right here in Missouri,” said Tony Wyche, a spokesman for the Missouri Clean Energy Initiative, who added that high-quality jobs also would be a result. “By voting yes, Missouri voters can have a say in where we get our energy from and can ensure that we are creating jobs.” Read more…


Surprise Surprise, Look Who’s for Alternative Energy

Congressman Russ Carnahan (most esteemed member of the lucky sperm club) recently sent this letter to a constituent touting his support for alternative energy. Kind of makes sense when your brother is in the “wind farming” business doesn’t it?

“This is not an impossible dream. I’ve never seen an issue with this potential to unify people … to get people in business and government to work together.”

Tom Carnahan
Founder, Wind Capital Group

Tom Carnahan is the founder and president of Wind Capital Group. In 2005 he drew upon his background in law, politics, development, and farm management when he partnered with Missouri farmers and rural electric cooperatives to develop the state’s first wind farm.

Since then, Wind Capital Group has become one of the fastest growing wind developers in the country. Mr. Carnahan is actively involved in growing not just his own company, but the wind industry as a whole.

It’s also ironic that Congressman Carnahan is using the same phrases that”wind farming” entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens uses in his multi-million dollar ad campaign advocating wind and natural gas development. From the Congressman’s letter: Read more…


High Plains/ Midwest AG Journal: Wind farms stir trouble in northwest Missouri

Wind Today: NTR Invests $150 Million in Wind Capital Group



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