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Congressional Quarterly: Sen. Talent Possible Labor Secretary in McCain Administration?

October 6th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Secretary of Labor Jim Talent? From CQ:

An articulate proponent of the core conservative belief that more federal authority over domestic programs should be handed to the states, he sought refuge at the Heritage Foundation as a senior fellow after losing his Senate seat in 2006 by 2 percentage points to Democrat Claire McCaskill. That reduced his winning average to .333 in statewide races in one of the nation’s traditional bellwethers. He won the Senate seat by 1 percentage point in a 2002 special election, but two years before that he lost a governor’s race by 1 point.

He also spent eight years in the House, including two terms as Small Business Committee chairman, and was an ardent advocate of moving more welfare recipients to the workforce, as was required in the 1996 welfare overhaul. Talent originally supported Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination but is now working to help McCain win Missouri. Read more…


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