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Claire for DNC Chair? “Please, God, No…” | Missouri Political News Service

Claire for DNC Chair? “Please, God, No…”

November 11th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Rumors were running wild yeterday that our own Sen. Claire McCaskill would succeed Howard “The Scream”Dean as DNC Chair next year. With Claire’s early support for President elect Obama during the primaries, pundits and activists had her as a shoo in.

Apparently,the Clinton’s must have a little influence left in the party, (we all know there’s no love loss between McCaskill and The Clinton’s) because the test balloon yesterday sank like a lead ball. McCaskill came out forcefully today denying she lobbied for the job, or, that she even wanted it.

Hillary’s female supporters still haven’t forgiven Claire for endorsing Obama over another Woman, elevating her to the DNC chair would be just another finger in the eye of an important Democrat voting block. This quote is from Blue Girl fron the They Gave Us A Republic blog:

“Please, God, no…These are times that call for a strong leader, not that waste of skin McCaskill.”

We’ve chronicled in the past some of the disdain yellow dog progressives seem to have for McCaskil:

“You can pick the most terrible member of the United States Senate (Claire McCaskill), and find bills she’s sponsored that make her sound halfway competent. With McCaskill, you really have to try, but it can be done.”

“We will work for whoever challenges Claire McCaskill for her Senate seat in 2012.” Read more…



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  • 1 jerry trotter // Mar 10, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    I have to ask, why does Missouri Political News Service, want to be Republican? why can’t it be simply neutral?

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