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Oh How We Love Democrat “Unity” | Missouri Political News Service

Oh How We Love Democrat “Unity”

September 4th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

The HillBuzz, a pro Hillary Clinton blog, takes Sen. Obama to task for saying yesterday that he has executive experience because he’s run his presidential campaign for the last two years. They also aren’t too kind to Obama surrogate Claire McCaskill:

“This is borderline surreal, but today SoetorObama claims he has more experience than Sarah Palin because he’s run for president, and he counts his presidential campaign of the last two years as executive leadership experience (it’s not).

“You can pick the most terrible member of the United States Senate (Claire McCaskill), and find bills she’s sponsored that make her sound halfway competent. With McCaskill, you really have to try, but it can be done.” Read more…


More from HillBuzz:

Our strange friendship with Republicans looks like it will indeed extend beyond November 5th in three respects.

(1) We will work with Republicans in Illinois to do everything we can to defeat SoetorObama when he tries to either keep his Senate seat in 2010, or run for Illinois governor. We’d rather see a Republican Senator or Governor in Illinois than allow this man to remain in office.

(2) We will work for Arlen Spector to ensure sexist pig Chris Matthews does not win any elected office in his lifetime.

(3) We will work for whoever challenges Claire McCaskill for her Senate seat in 2012. Read more…



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