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Hip Hop Palooza Comes to An End | Missouri Political News Service

Hip Hop Palooza Comes to An End

September 8th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

The Political Fix is reporting that Rep. Hubbard is ended his “slim to none” chance of getting a new election after his startling defeat at the hands of Rep. Robin Wright-Jones.

From the Political Fix:

“Here are three words that power attorney Scott Rosenblum is not used to saying: I give up.

But Rosenblum, the high-profile defense lawyer who had been representing State Rep. Rodney Hubbard’s court challenge to his narrow election loss, did just that in a motion submitted Friday.”

First of all, anyone who has followed Rosenblum’s career knows he never gets anyone off, most of his clients usually plead out to lesser charges. And second, maybe Rep. Hubbard followed our advice and decided to save his money. Now that he’s out of work, he’ll need that money to pay rent on his subsidized public housing unit. Maybe his former campaign manager Antonio French can loan him a few ends.



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