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Half Million Dollar Kid Hires Million Dollar Attorney

August 27th, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

The Post Disgrace is reporting today that Rep. Rodney Hubbard -who spent half a million dollars and lost a super close race to Rep. Wright-Jones – has decided to sue for a recount. Nothing unusual about this per se. What is unusual is that Hubbard has hired high profile St. Louis attorney Scott Rosenblum. Mr. Rosenblum is one of those top criminal defense attorneys you call when you have your butt in a tight sling. Just ask former State Representative John Bowman.

As is the case in most recounts, Hubbard has a slim to none chance of overturning the August 5th result, but he has added a predictable Democrat wrinkle to his recount suit. A la Al Gore and Florida 2000, Hubbard is blaming the voting machines:

“An attacker could also install a voting-machine virus — a malicious code that spreads silently from machine to machine during normal election activities.”

Mr. Hubbard, we have a better use for your high powered and very expensive attorney. Why not consider suing your political consultant/campaign manager Antonio French for political malpractice instead. Surely you have a strong case when your campaign manager seemed to be more concerned with getting himself elected as a committeeman (a now mostly powerless ceremonial position) than in getting his top client elected to the state senate. Just a suggestion.



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