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A Liberal Example of Hyperbole Kool-Aid Syndrome | Missouri Political News Service

A Liberal Example of Hyperbole Kool-Aid Syndrome

April 1st, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

FiredUp’s “Howard Beale” is a riot! “Beale” seems to enjoy exhibiting his incapability to grasp simple political satire. Rather strange for someone engaging in the rough and tumble world of politics by writing for a hyper-partisan political blog. If it wasn’t April fools day, “Beale’s” overblown assessment of Rep Schaaf’s speech would be an indicator of someone who definitely needs a break from the hyperbole Kool-Aid.

From FiredUp Missouri:

Rep. Dr. Rob Schaaf, R-St. Joseph, concluded the Lincoln Day dinner with a speech entitled, “Why I hate Robin Carnahan.” Ms. Carnahan, a Democrat, is Missouri’s secretary of state. Her office puts together Missouri’s official state manuals, commonly called “blue books” every year.

Dr. Schaaf cited page 808 of the 2007-2008 edition as his reason for the speech’s title. The book incorrectly identifies Buchanan County Eastern District Commissioner Dan Hausman as a Democrat.

What a perfect way in which to sum up an event that celebrates a Party whose chief virtue and top selling point are its incorporation of hate into the political sphere. Hatred of “liberals”, hatred of government, hatred of blacks, hatred of illegal immigrants, hatred of gays, hatred of judges and hatred of working families are the basic building blocks of the Republican coalition, so why shouldn’t a hate screed against a particular individual serve as the capstone for an evening of GOP revelry? Read more…

In addition to being unable to understand simple political satire, another symptom of Hyperbole Kool Aid syndrome, is the inability to understand that no one political party has a lock on virtue. We won’t hold our breath waiting for FUM to comment on this example of liberal hate:

Postar.com: Swastika found on poster promoting Ashcroft’s Skidmore College visit



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