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Gloating St. Louis Morning Anchor Leaves Terse Comment on Blunt

January 23rd, 2008 by mopns · No Comments

Fox2 St. Louis morning anchor John Pertzborn – known to be a real team player among his colleagues – posted the following terse comment in regards to a post we did several weeks ago on “Slimy weasel scumbag” attorney Chet Pleban’s appearance on his show. We complained that Pleban was able to give his comments on the Eckersley investigation without an opposing viewpoint from the Administration.

Pertzborn (who conveniently found our post after Gov. Blunt announced he was not running for re-election yesterday) wrote:

“Matt had a standing invitation to come on our morning show during his administration.”

Fair enough, but doesn’t John Hancock live in St. Louis? Isn’t he a Missouri Republican Party spokesman? Mr. Hancock complained of the bias coverage on his own blog.

Mr. Pertzborn? Would you really have us believe that contacting the Blunt Administration, through third party surrogates, amounts to a good faith effort to offer us “Fair and Balanced” coverage in this serious matter? Pertzborn offers Governor Blunt and his family some parting advice:

“For some reason, Matt Blunt doesn’t like being on live unscripted on TV. He needs to get over that as he prepares for what ever office his dad and politicos have planned for him in the future.”

Full text of comment:

“The Blunt Administration was called constantly. Matt had a standing invitation to come on our morning show during his administration. The only time Matt ever joined us that I can remember was when he was running for office. He was even contacted by my contacts in the Republican party to join us. For some reason, Matt Blunt doesn’t like being on live unscripted on TV. He needs to get over that as he prepares for what ever office his dad and politicos have planned for him in the future.

Fox 2 News In The Morning goes out of its way to be Fair and Balanced. The staff is very diverse and we debate the issues constantly off and on the air.

John Pertzborn



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  • 1 Pertzborn // Jan 23, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    Thanks for posting a reply so quickly! Does this mean we have too much free time?

    I discovered your blog for the first time this morning while “Googling” Pleban’s name and Blunt together.

    I’m not gloating. I don’t live in Missouri. My only Missouri Tax is the 1% St. Louis Taxation without Representation Fee”. I’m not a member of any Republican, Democrat, or Libritarian Conspiracy.

    My blog beef with Governor Matt Blunt is that it became a running joke everytime we attempted to get him on the air.

    Peter Kinder is the exception. Peter was the one from this administration who was there when we called. We had some excellent interviews with Peter Kinder and he has some excellent ideas. We were sorry to learn of his mom’s death earlier this month. We got to know the Lt. Governor better than the Governor.

    Maybe that’s why Matt isn’t running…Maybe he really is tired of politics and his heart was no longer in the job.

    As for Chet, there is no special arrangement, he’s good TV and offers some interesting insight. Does he go unchallenged? It can happen, but it’s our job to keep it from happening. It helps when others, like the Governor, participate in the debate.

    We also have standing invitations to many News Makers who are no shows…..Maybe Scooter Jackson could be a guest in the future?

  • 2 Jim Byrne // Jan 23, 2008 at 4:41 pm


    Why don’t you do some investigative reporting the will expose some of the real problems we have in Missouri?

    Why don’t you find out why the Missouri Supreme Court seated Judge Hutcherson on the bench in Camden County after the voters of Clay County voted him off the bench in 1992? Three Bar Associations in Missouri gave him a bad report.

    Why don’t you interview Judge Hollinger? Remember him? He was nominated to be on the Missouri Supreme Court. Ask him why he thinks Constitutional Amendments should be ignored just because the Missouri Supreme Court failed to acknowledge the circuit court’s mistake.
    Look at the opinion for WD64472.

    There’s plenty of real news to report, and by reporting such, it will do what the media is supposed to do; i.e. Sound the Alarm when government goes awry.

    Maybe you should read Federalist #84. You could find out the real reason for freedom of the press.

  • 3 Eric Bacon // Jan 24, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    Personally as a non partisan Missourian, I think you both need to grow up and get a life. In other words yes you both have too much freetime on your hands. Why dont we all try to work together to solve problems instead of trying to create new ones. LAst time i checked there was a war in Iraq and Burma ( mianmar) was under heavy civil war.

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